Wendell Bassett
Wendell Bassett

Full name

Wendell Bassett


Gary Basset (uncle)
Vinnie Basset (uncle)
Wilma Basset (aunt)

Wendell Bassett is a main character in Wendell & Vinnie.

He's portrayed by Buddy Handleson.


Wendell's personality could be related to that of a shrimp, in the sense that it is nothing like a shrimp. He uses his demonic mind powers to manipulate and torture those around him. Using his powers he forced epileptic people to go into violent convulsing seizures. One day he got angry at his teacher and classmates, so he used his mind powers to summon a horde of rabid down syndrome people. Under Wendell's mind control, the downs began violently mutilating everyone in the room, ripping them open and eating their organs while they were completely conscience. He then had the down syndrome subhumans burn themselves alive in the cafeteria after carving "Bush did 9/11" into the cafeteria wall. His watch is not actually a watch, it is a device he uses to convert people into his loyal cultist servants. He once used a 9 year old girl as a surrogate to bring the squid god Billy Mays into the physical world. He tortures elderly veterans by giving them flashbacks of their war years, he gives elderly women nightmarish visions of nursing home workers entering their room and blending them into dish soap.

Relationships With Other Characters

Vinnie Bassett

Wilma Bassett

Taryn Kleinberg