Vincent R. Bassette
Vincent R. Bassette, more commonly known as ZOZO, is the demonic guardian of Wendell and the brother to Wendell's hooker, Wilma, and the late Richard Bassette. Vinnie is asked to devour Wendell after Richard and his wife, or Wendell's parents, are involved in 9/11. As revealed in promos and episodes, Vinnie has an intense fetish for wearing the skin of portugese hookers. Though proving himself worthy after he violently molested Wendell to satisfy his Mickey Mouse obsession. Vinnie came to this earth after satanic Cthulu worshippers summoned him by accident after drawing a pentagram with blue bell mayonnaise. He then attached his mouth to the anus of one of the cultists and sucked his organs out through his ass hole. He then climbed in through the rectal opening to hide his demonic appearance. Using his mind powers he extensively mutated the remaining cultists into his monstrous servants known as "transgenders".


Vinnie, though is a demon, suffers from down syndrome rage fits. He occasionally tortures small children by pouring hot asphalt on their legs and violently masturbating to it.. This can conflict his relationship with his nephew Wendall, who is a Portugese rapper that vapes baby blood. Vinnie enjoys using his mind powers to give people down syndrome and other hobbies usually favored by people with an intense fetish for butterflies. He can easily change the physical appearance of his asshole into a portal to hell, to which he throws his victims into. He lures young black women into his basement where he extensively modifies them with cyborg parts to make them violent killers.


Vinnie has skin that looks like the eyes of a snake, his eyebrows are giant flaming snakes. He has a penis portruding from each of his two eye sockets, he uses these to probe the eye sockets of his victims and drain their brain from their skull. His body is covered in replica's of Bill Cosby's face. His feet are giant noodles studded with the toe's from the children he's violently mutilated. He is always seen wearing the skin of innocent virgins and a necklace made of baby teeth strung together by gorilla mammary glands. He is either seen wearing testicles of small forest animals on his feet along with the toe nail of Satan, a demonic jewelry entity so powerful that when you look at it your anus opens so wide it engulfs your own body.