Taryn Kleinberg is a character in Wendell and Vinnie. She is Wendell and Vinnie's recently divorced neighbor and close friend. She comes from Houston, Texas.

She is portrayed by Haley Strode.


Taryn previously lived in Houston, Texas, and married. Recently, she has divorced and moved into the apartment next door to Wendell and Vinnie. She has become friends with them, and has met Wilma Basset briefly. Vinnie has fallen in love with Taryn and hopes to one day become more than just friends with her. She enjoys her new life, although she has had some embarassing moments, such as in "Abra and Cadabra" when she wore a sleek suit when acting as Wendell the magician's assistant at the school talent show, and the top of the suit came off, revealing her breasts, without a bra to cover them, to the show's entire audience.

Taryn knows that her new friends enjoy her presence, and she does like being with them. She knows that the normally crazy Vinnie tries to be a good neighbor to her. This is proven in "Wendell and the Sleepover" when she makes nutritious snacks for Vinnie and Wendell before Wendell's first sleepover, and Vinnie tries to pretend that they are not bad, although the taste is not delightful.


Taryn has tan (peach) skin and red (orange-colored) hair. She has blue eyes and red lips. She has a stomach and a belly button seen in "Vinnie & Wendell" when she is jogging with a small, turquoise-colored shirt. She normally wears a variety of different shirts and pants, such as normal-length pants and extremely short jeans. Her normal outfit also contains a bra over her breasts and a pair of panties under her pants. She normally wears shoes on her feet. Taryn has also been seen in pajamas ("Wendell & the Sleepover") and a one-piece magician's assistant suit with fishnet and sequins ("Abra & Cadabra").