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Wendell and Vinnie is one of the many Nickelodeon shows that are known to have many innuendos and suggestive actions and quotes.

An innuendo is an insinuation about a person or thing, typically of a derogatory nature. It can be a remark, an action, or a question that works indirectly by alluding to its actual meaning. In other words, an innuendo is something that appears innocent, but is intended to have a hidden, possibly inappropriate meaning.

Caution: If you are under the age of 13 you may not want to proceed reading this page as it contains content not suitable for young children.

List of Innuendos in Wendell and Vinnie

Season 1

Abra & Cadabra

  • The start of the episode starts off with Wendell finding something in the closet, and Vinnie simply yells, "That isn't mine, I am holding it for a friend!" and stuff like that. This could hint that he thought he found drugs or condoms.
  • Vinnie's remote-controlled plane dosen't work and he calls it a dumbass.
  • When Wendell and Wilma goes to the surf shop and Wilma sees all the guys looks like nerds, she says "I'm gonna put these babies away now" while feeling her chest, implying she was talking about her breasts.
  • When Wilma comes over to Vinnie's apartment, Vinnie tells Wilma to sit in the shame shack. Wilma then says,"Isn't that what grandma used to call yo--" but Wendell cuts her off, implying that she was gonna say Vinnie's ball sack
  • The top of Taryn's assistant outfit is cut by Wendell's sword, showing her breasts, with no bra to cover them, to the entire talent show audience. It is also clear that she is not wearing panties or any other kind of underwear, although the bottom of her suit stayed intact.

Valentines & the Cultural Experience

  • Wendell says poop chart in front of a large crowd.
  • Taryn tells Wendell she wants to do something stupid, possibly implying to have sex.
  • Krystal, a young stripper looking girl comes into the scene while Violet's mom was complimenting Vinnie. To set things straight,Vinnie tells Violet's mom that he got the girl for Wendell and Violet's mom has a weird look on her face, showing that she thought Vinnie got Krystal to strip or have sex with Wendell.

Smart Girls & Dumb Guys

  • The girl Vinnie was interested in said that her books were about the "sex lives" of greek gods.

Vinnie & The Toad

  • The toad, in a way, looked gay.
  • Vinnie and Toad interacts by touchng eachother's pecks playfully.
  • The guy who ran the lodge wanted Vinnie and Toad to dig their own graves.

Pick-Ups & Drop-Offs

  • When a car honked at them, Vinnie said that he should "wave with his full hand"