This is the Character Page for Wendell and Vinnie

Main Characters

  • Wendell (Buddy Handleson) is an incredibly intelligent kid, who is proud of his high-minded hobbies. Wendell recently moved in with his childish uncle, Vinnie after his parents died.
  • Vinnie (Jerry Trainor) is the 32-year old adult that owns a pop culture memorabilia business. Wendell is always playing video games, reading comic books, and eating junk food. He is the legal guardian of Wendell after,Wendell's parents died.
  • Wilma (Nicole Sullivan) is a successful personal injury attorney who takes living by the rules very seriously. She is Vinnie's older sister and does not understand why Wendell’s parents left Vinnie in charge and wants to be Wendell’s legal guardian for herself.
  • Taryn (Haley Strode) is a recently divorced women who moved from Houston, Texas. Energetic, upbeat, and sweetly spirited, Taryn is the voice of reason that keeps everyone grounded as she searches for what's next in her life. She quickly finds herself growing close to Wendell and Vinnie, becoming a part of their unique family unit!

Recurring Characters

  • Lacy (Angelique Terrazas) is a girl at Hynes Middle School who tries to be tough but is very kind.
  • Miss Pimmentel (Ginger Gonzaga) is the vice-principal of Hynes Middle School .
  • Henry (Jamie Kaler) is a teacher at Hynes Middle School who dated Wilma previously.

Guest Characters